7 Invaluable Advantages of Affordable Cabin Style Homes

At some point, nearly every log cabin style homeowner was on the fence about whether or not they should choose a log style home over a more traditional one. But after the first moment of stepping into their own log cabin style home, they knew confidently they had made the right decision.

At Gingrich Builders, it’s our goal to help you enjoy the same delightful experience, which is why our expert craftsmen and log cabin enthusiasts have put together this curated list of invaluable log cabin advantages!

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Why Choose a Cabin Style House?

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It’s easy to fall in love with a cabin style house: the organic beauty, the rustic smell of natural wood, the gorgeous views…! But aside from their amazing aesthetic, log style homes also boast a wide range of practical advantages that help make them a no-brainer to families on the hunt for a new house.

Whether you’re intending for it to be your permanent residence or future “home away from home” these 7 benefits will have you wanting to sign that dotted line for a log style home in NO time!

  • Comparable Costs – As per Credible.com, it costs on average about $420k to build a custom home in Pennsylvania. And as per Gingrich Builders, the cost to build a log home is comparable to a traditional custom home. Many people who dream of owning their own log cabin style home tend to think that they can never achieve it because of the cost, but it is actually quite comparable!
  • Versatile Function – What other style home can serve as a permanent residence, year-round getaway, cozy weekend retreat, and/or hunting adventure? Cabin style homes offer it all, including ample space for big families, outdoor recreational toys and even fishing boats!
  • Return on Investment – With nearly half a century under our belts as PA’s trusted log home builder, we can confidently say that log cabin style homes hold their value just as well as, if not BETTER, than traditional homes. In addition to their beauty, log cabins are also rare, making them a hot commodity when sold on the open market. Learn more about if log homes are a good investment here!
  • Eco-Friendly – Because they are made from renewable resources, are compatible with modern day environmental technology like solar panels, and are airtight to help reduce heating and cooling costs, log cabin style homes are one of the most eco-friendly housing options on the market.
  • No Challenging Maintenance – Some people think that the maintenance on a cabin style house may be tedious, challenging or time consuming – as expert cabin builders, we’re here to assure you that this is NOT the case when it is done correctly. Learn all about how to properly take care of a log home here.
  • Admired Individuality – One of the most beloved trademarks of a cabin style house is its stunning appearance. No matter how you customize it, the natural beauty remains unchanging for decades to come!
  • Long Lasting – Log style homes have been a part of Americans history for hundreds of years. These sturdy structures stand the test of time against weather elements like heavy snow, harsh hail, blistering sun, and strong winds.

Want to know what owning a log home is really like? Check out our log cabin living blog for inspiration, maintenance tips, and everything else there is to know about planning for your log home.


Model and Custom Log Cabin Style Homes Available

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When building an affordable log cabin, there are two main approaches to take: you can either build a model log home floor plan, or – you can build something custom. Both standard and customized log cabin style homes offer their unique set of pros and cons, so deciding which is right for you comes down to your personal preferences on style, budget, timeline, needs, and more!

Not sure if a custom cabin style house is right for you? Start by checking out the dozens of spacious floor plan styles the creative designers at Gingrich Builders have created. From there, you can customize, ask questions, or even make additions like garages, wrap-around porches, in-law suites and more to the model you choose! Of course, we also encourage you to reach out to our team for personalized assistance at any time on your log cabin style home journey.

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Build a Log Cabin Style Home with Gingrich Builders

Gingrich Builders has been a trusted name in custom cabin building since 1972, and we’re proud to bring our years of expertise to your next home project! We offer 22 beautiful log style home floor plans to choose from, as well as the option to custom build the cabin of your dreams.

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Reach out today to get started on building the perfect log cabin style house for you and your family. We can’t wait to help you turn your dream into reality!

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