The Secrets to Building an Affordable Log Home

Did you think you’d never be able to afford a real log home? Those gorgeous, natural logs; that exclusive retreat feel; and the lavish rustic décor are enough to make ANYONE happy. But that luxury log cabin lifestyle comes at a hefty price tag — or so you thought.

Affordable log homes and cabins have emerged as some of America’s favorite home styles in recent years, and now with the help of Gingrich Builders, it’s easier than ever to have your own! Take an inside look at one of our popular affordable log homes.

We’ve put together this blog to help you learn about building your dream affordable log cabin. Continue reading to learn what you can do without, where to splurge, and how to plan in order to make your dream log home affordable, attainable, and awesome!

How to Attain an Affordable Log Cabin

affordable log home kitchen

A bigger budget doesn’t always mean a better cabin — especially if you are desiring a simple weekend getaway or a humbly-sized home.

Learning how to make your dream log home affordable is a conversation we never shy away from. Each of our custom log cabin designs and standard floor plans are well thought out to give you the most bang for your bucks!

While we all want to enjoy those classic luxuries like walk-in closets and a 3-car garage, if you’re desiring an affordable log cabin, those may be things to reconsider. Think about these budget-savvy swap-outs before putting a down payment on your future log cabin:

  • Keep the Bathroom Simple — One of the best ways to keep your affordable log cabin project on-budget is to keep your bathroom features low-key. To save money on your bathroom design, swap out that walk-in tile shower or whirlpool tub for a classic tub and shower instead. You’ll still get that relaxing bathtub and shower combo, but at a price tag you’ll appreciate.
  • Use a Proven Design — Instead of a highly customized design, opt for one of our stunning standard floor plans from our catalog. Our standard models are already planned, tried, and true to delivering a beautiful home at a doable cost. Not only does having a pre-designed plan save you money, but it will also save you time during the building process!
  • Modest over Modern — The kitchen is the heart of any home, but it doesn’t need to be the fanciest part. While kitchen builds and remodels are generally the most expensive in the home, there are plenty of ways to keep it low-cost so you can maintain your budget. By keeping the design simple and the fixtures basic, you can save THOUSANDS in one room alone!
  • Take Your Time — A lot of times, homeowners want everything done immediately when building a new log cabin. But in order to make this an affordable log home, we encourage our customers to think with a big-picture mindset. By saving additional garage space or large decks until a few years later down the road, you can minimize the upfront cost of your cabin.

Non-Negotiable Log Home Features

affordable log cabin living space

Love is sacrifice, but do you really have to sacrifice ALL your design desires in order to love the price of your cabin? The answer is: no!

Thankfully, there are still TONS of features and areas of the home you can enjoy while staying within your budget. Here are a few of the items Gingrich Log Homes knows you can splurge on if you save in other areas:

  • Loft Space — What’s a log home without a loft? The perfect kid’s space, the extra sleeping bag room or the game center are spaces we feel ALL log homeowners should have. Because this space is so versatile and low-cost to build, a loft is something that should be part of almost any affordable log cabin designs.
  • Covered Porch — Just as much as you love the inside of your cabin, you probably love the outside of it just a little more. The greater outdoors are indeed great, but they’re even greater when experienced under your own covered porch. Listening and watching the rainfall under your covered porch or sipping that first brew of coffee each morning is an experience no homeowner should have to compromise on!
  • Living Space — The one room where your family gathers and mingles should be the area where you feel comfortable spending a little extra money. Every affordable log home we build includes a grand living room.
  • Solid Logs/Log Siding — Quality is never something you should have to sacrifice, especially not in order to get an affordable log cabin! At Gingrich Builders, we make quality our absolute top priority — no exceptions. While we may suggest other areas of the cabin to dial back on, the authentic logs and log siding will never be one of them.

Your Most Affordable Log Home Floor Plan

As we mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to get an affordable log cabin of your own is to choose a pre-designed, standard floor plan. At Gingrich Builders, we have over 20 different log cabin models for sale to choose from, varying from 1,100 square feet to 4,000 square feet in size.

Explore the layouts of our Creekside, Royer, and Bridgeview cabins. We think you’re going to like what you see!

Gingrich Builders: The Local Trusted Team

The first step toward finding your dream log home at a price that works for you is having a conversation with one of our team members. We’re here for you and happy to help turn your affordable log dreams into a reality.

Contact us today via phone or online form to get started. We look forward to working with you to create an affordable log home for your family!

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