What’s Owning a Log Home Really Like?

You know log homes are absolutely awe-inspiring to look at, but you’re still wondering what it’s like to call one home. In fact, this is a common question we hear from potential log home lovers who plan to live in one year-round. For the most part, owning a log home is very similar to any other traditional type of home — and they make a GREAT full-time residence. However, there are a few key differences, advantages, and maintenance needs.

At Gingrich Builders, we’re a log cabin company that exclusively crafts and services log homes throughout Pennsylvania. Our cabins are used for everything from huge vacation homes, to secluded hunting cabins, and even year-round residences in neighborhoods. Read our latest blog to learn about the experience of owning a log home.

Learn about Living in a Cabin Full-Time from the Experts

Moving into any new house is a huge commitment. Since a log home is likely completely different from what you have now, the decision feels even bigger. The daily experience of living in a cabin full-time is comparable to any other home. These are a few key points of comparison (both similar and different) that we like to point out to potential log homeowners:

All of the Amenities Are There owning a log home with luxury amenities

While the exterior may evoke the rustic builds of old, the interior boasts all of the modern amenities you’d want from a new home. First of all, you can expect the essentials like a full HVAC system, a garage, and a full basement with all of the requirements. On top of that, you have access to HGTV-worthy luxury touches such as soaking tubs, and tile showers in the bathrooms. Our log home kitchens can be outfitted with upscale touches like granite countertops and fully custom cabinets. When it comes to living in a cabin full-time, you’ll have everything you need.

Bright and Open Interior living in a cabin with open interior

This is a log home difference that actually lines up with current home design trends. The vast majority of our log homes are built in an open concept fashion that is extremely popular for all types of home designs. In addition, since many of our home models are built with ample windows, and sloped ceilings, you can expect a healthy amount of natural light. So, if you choose to make one of our log cabins your home, you’ll enjoy a bright and open floorplan.

See Our Log Cabin Models One-of-a-Kind Curb Appeal (And Compliments) log home with curb appeal

In a neighborhood populated by standard vinyl-sided homes, a true log home stands out in the most magnificent way. You can expect that your home will look different from every other home in the development, even at a distance. You’re almost certain to love all the personality it showcases, and so will your neighbors — expect to get lots of compliments and questions about what living in a cabin full-time is like!

Wooden Interiors with Options living in a cabin with wooden interiors

The wood that gives the outside of our homes their distinct log home presence also translates to the inside as well. The interior walls of a log home are traditionally made of the same beautiful wood. However, if you’d prefer, more traditional painted drywall is an option to create accent walls in certain rooms.

Request Log Home Pricing Different Maintenance Needs maintenance with owning a log home

One of the most important differences in owning a log home is the work needed to maintain it and protect it from the elements. Log homes are more unique than standard homes meaning they require more specialized maintenance. For example, caulking the joints between logs, keeping an eye on the shrubbery pruning so the logs have space to breathe, and re-staining the exterior (once every 5-7 years). However, most homeowners choose to tackle these tasks DIY-style and we have the professional products to make it easy!

Check out our DIY guide to common log home maintenance to see if you’re up to the task!

Trust Gingrich Builders for Your Maintenance Needs

If you’d rather trust the maintenance to the team that built your house, our Cabin Care team does exactly that. While maintaining a log home isn’t particularly challenging, some of our clients simply prefer to leave it up to the experts. Whether you need a small fix or a much larger repair, our team is more than happy to handle it for you. We always want to let potential buyers know that Gingrich Builders supports our homeowners throughout the entire time they own their home.

Already love your log home? Trust our team for log home maintenance.

Log Home Maintenance Services

Owning a Log Home Starts with a Conversation

If you think owning a log home might be a dream come true, we’d love to talk. All of the beautiful log homes you saw in today’s blog started in the same way: a conversation. We encourage you to reach out to our log home designers to discuss your style, your needs, and your budget.

Reach out today to talk to our designers — or schedule a visit to our model log home office and inspiration center!

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