Are Log Homes a Good Investment?

While the most common reason to buy or build a log home is to enjoy the gorgeous rustic style every day, that’s not the only reason people buy them. Some people treat log cabins as a type of investment. In fact, when people ask us, “Are log homes a good investment?”, we say absolutely – and they’re potentially significantly better investment than traditional real estate. Learn more about that right here!

At Gingrich Builders, we’re not financial advisors – we’re PA log home builders with over 45 years of experience. We’re highlighting the benefits of a log cabin investment and showcasing what we can build for you!

Log cabin investment for airbnb


What to Know about a Log Cabin Investment

When we answer the question, “Are log cabins a good investment?”, we highlight several advantageous factors you can look at. Of course, the other main benefit of a log cabin investment is that you can enjoy the rustic feel and gorgeous style at least some of the time. (Even the most balanced stock and bond portfolios don’t provide that advantage!)

Whether you want to make your log cabin a vacation getaway or a full-time home, the advantages are real. Here are the key points to consider:

  1. All Real Estate is Good Real Estate – Here’s where we like to start when talking about this topic. Ultimately, almost all real estate is a solid bet to, at the very least, hold its value and very likely grow. Whether it’s a log home in the woods or a standard home in the suburbs, property holds its value.
  2. They’re a Hot Commodity – While almost all real estate is a solid place to park your money, log homes have another advantage.  Log homes are a rarity – and very few of them are on the market at any one time. This can mean that your property will command a higher value if you were to ever sell it, and it may actually be fairly easy to find a motivated buyer.
  3. Demand is High in PA – As far as demand is concerned, the interest in this style of home is higher than average in Pennsylvania. Not only are numerous woodlands the perfect setting for a log cabin, but our hunting culture also makes a desire for hunting cabins more pronounced. These PA-specific traits further increase the demand for beautiful and unique log home properties.
  4. Opportunity to Earn Passive Income – One other thing to consider when thinking about a log cabin investment is the built-in opportunity to actively earn a side income. Putting a gorgeous log home on Air B&B (or other similar services) is a way to earn extra money – especially if the log home isn’t your full-time residence.


The Right Log Home

Investment in log cabin interior renovation

While we certainly see how a log home investment can be smart, secure, and satisfying to hold, it is with a caveat. It has to be the right log home. A log cabin that is outdated or damaged can become something of a liability – as it will be unlikely to accrue value and be more likely to require costly maintenance.

That’s why building a new log home is often the best choice for someone looking to own one – either as a residence, an investment, or both. Not only will you get an up-to-date space with features you want, but you’ll also know that there are no hidden problems. Since log homes require different maintenance from traditional homes, they can hide certain problems – specifically rot, mold, and wood-boring insects. Building new allows you to circumvent these concerns!

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long-lasting log cabin exterior to maximize investment

However, if you have an opportunity to buy a pre-owned log home, Gingrich Builders can serve you here as well! You can bring out our cabin care team to do a thorough inspection to find and identify any potential log home-specific problems before you buy. Plus, our cabin care team will be able to help you with any maintenance going forward.


Build Your Log Home with Gingrich

If you’re interested in building a log home, we’d love to work with you. We encourage you to take a look at some of our most popular log homes models. In addition, our experts are always available for a consultation and design conversation to discuss your preferences, your goals, and your budget.

Reach out today to have a conversation with the Gingrich Builders team!

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