Why Small Wood Cabins Are the Best Size Cabins

They say bigger is often better, but that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to the size of a log cabin home!

When searching for an affordable, quaint weekend retreat, nothing beats the convenience and comfort of a small wood cabin. With the right log cabin floor plan and intentional design, you can turn any small log cabin design into one that is perfect for you and your loved ones!

Kickstart your own log home dream with a little inspiration from our small log cabin designs! Keep reading to learn more about why small cabin homes are the best sized cabins – and how you can build your own today.

small log home exterior design


Why You Should Consider Small Log Cabin Designs

There’s a lot to love about small cabin homes. From their timeless nostalgia to their efficient energy-saving features, building a small wood cabin is a decision you won’t regret. For some, it’s easy to see why a small cabin home would be ideal for their preferences, for others – it’s a choice that requires a bit more consideration.

Here is our list of the top 5 reasons why you should consider investing in a small log cabin design:

  • Affordable – In most cases, the smaller the square footage, the smaller the price tag. This fact alone makes small log cabins for designs appealing to many buyers, no matter the state or county you’re shopping in.
  • Easy to Maintain – When purchasing a log cabin, you want a space to relax in – NOT another space to clean. Compared to a large log home, small wood cabins require less regular cleaning and less annual maintenance.
  • Cozy & Intimate – In a time where social intimacy and small gatherings are cherished, small cabin homes are the epitome of bringing your community together in a cozy and comfortable way. Whether it’s around the rustic stone fireplace or atop of the lovely loft, there’s no better way to make memories than in a little log cabin!
  • More Room for Outdoor Adventures – A cabin with a small footprint means there is more space on your property for all the classic outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, hiking, ATV-ing and more.
  • Eco-friendly – Did you know that small wood cabins are one of the most environmentally-friendly types of homes, according to an article on TriplePundit.com? Energy efficiency, natural building materials, and organic insulation are just a few of the features that make small log cabin designs eco-friendly.

Popular East-Coast Small Cabin Home Models

Small log cabins have a unique and charming aesthetic that can make any property feel like a cozy getaway. Whether you’re looking for a secluded weekender in the woods or a stylish retreat by the lake, we have a design that will fit your needs. Of our 20+ unique log cabin models, our most popular small log cabin designs include:

  1. Creekside Log Home (1,100 sq ft) 
  2. Royer Log Home (1,400 sq ft)
  3. Maplewood Log Home (2,000 sq ft)

See more gorgeous small log cabin plans with BIG style.

When comparing Gingrich Builder’s small cabin home models, you’ll notice that there are a few key traits even the small log cabin designs feature. These common features are both stylish and functional in order to make the most of a low square footage!

  • Two full bathrooms
  • Spacious storage spaces
  • Primary walk-in closet
  • Luxurious covered porch

Have a specific vision in mind for your own log cabin? Allow our Pennsylvania small log cabin builders to bring your dreams to life. Learn more about customizing a log home here.


Explore Small Log Cabin Designs from Gingrich Builders

Living or vacationing in a small wood cabin may seem too good to be true. However, with Gingrich Builders, this rustic lifestyle is not only possible – but affordable!

If you’re interested in exploring small log cabin designs, Gingrich Builders is the perfect place to start. As PA’s trusted small log cabin builders, we offer a variety of pre-designed plans that can be customized to fit your needs, or we can work with you to create a completely custom design. See some of our favorite small log cabins projects here.

Join the community of homeowners loving their log cabins – contact Gingrich Builders today to see our small log cabin designs or to customize your own!

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