Log Cabin Color Scheme Ideas You Can Copy Today

While it’s easy to think of log cabin color schemes as simply a natural wood color, a wide variety of color schemes exist that can enhance the natural beauty of the various high-quality wood used in their construction. Gingrich Builders is here to help you choose your ideal log cabin colors to bring warmth and life to your home.

From log cabin exterior colors to log cabin interior colors, we’ll explore color schemes that you can copy to revamp, maintain, and improve your home. With more than 45 years of experience building dream log cabins, Gingrich Builders will assist you with your log cabin color scheme needs.


Log Cabin Exterior Color Schemes That Wow

cabin exterior colors burgundy log home

To begin, we’ll take a closer look at some of the log home exterior color schemes that will enhance the natural grain and coloration of commonly used wood for log homes. These log cabin exterior colors are not only aimed at improving the look of your home but also to help protect the wood, such as our Capture Log Home Stain that is available in the colors and combinations that follow.

  • Bronze Pine: The subtle Bronze Pine color is a classic among log cabin exterior color schemes. It doesn’t overwhelm the natural grain and imbues the wood finish with a bronze warmth.
  • Chestnut: For a darker wood finish, the Chestnut variant helps to create an earthy tone. The wood grain appears darker and deeper, creating a dusky wood grain appeal.
  • Hazelnut: Hazelnut is a log cabin color scheme that falls between the Bronze Pine and Chestnut. It is one of the most natural wood colors offering you a more neutral exterior look.
  • Natural: The Natural coating is one of the best ways to exemplify the innate beauty of wood. It can serve to bring new life to old or faded wood to bring it back to its former glow while helping to protect it for years to come.
  • Red Cedar: Another one of our favorite log home exterior color schemes is our Red Cedar finish. Reminiscent of a warm sunset, the Red Cedar coating is a step above the Bronze Pine in terms of natural color, enhancing the richness of certain types of wood.
  • Wheat: For a natural, lighter tone, the Wheat option can be ideal. It helps to enhance the natural grain of the wood while providing a neutral color scheme.

View more cabin colors to help you find your ideal combination or check out our tips and other products to help you maintain your wood color.

Choosing the Perfect Interior Log Cabin Colors

The interior of your log home is a place where you can further enhance your home’s appeal. While the interior will not be faced with the same harsh weather conditions as your exterior, it’s important to look after the wood—plus, it gives you a chance to explore interior log cabin colors options!

Whether you prefer the pure, natural look of our Symphony Interior Clear Coat or are eager to infuse more color and vibrancy, the tips listed below will assist you in making the right choice.

Keep it Neutral cabin colors neutral color interior living room

Wood is an excellent building material for many reasons including its natural beauty. Keeping it neutral and simply protecting your interior wood is often the best choice and the favorite choice among log cabin homeowners.

Go for Color interior log cabin colors blue wall in front of dining set

Adding some color can be a great way to incorporate your personality into your home. You don’t have to go for full color in every room. Instead, try adding a splash of color with an accent color wall.

Stain the Grains log home exterior color schemes stains on walls in living room

Many options for cabin colors help to enhance the natural grains of your interior wood. Staining the wood can help to promote different atmospheres and moods within each room. For example, darker stains can bring out a warm, homey feeling while lighter stains can feel more natural and brighter, adding liveliness to a room.

Create Texture log cabin colors textures wood interior with cathedral ceiling

By simply staining the various wood beams in a room, you can create a sense of texture. For instance, staining the beams on a vaulted ceiling a darker color than the surrounding wood creates an eye-catching texture while keeping it natural and neutral.

Interior log cabin colors should match the mood and atmosphere that you would like to create in each room of your home. Need help deciding on cabin colors for your interior? Explore our log cabin models for inspiration!


Contact us to Explore Your Cabin Color Design Ideas Today!

From finding the perfect log cabin exterior colors to enhancing the interior color scheme, Gingrich Builders’ decades of experience will be an asset to you in your search for the ideal cabin color scheme. We can provide you with the most popular choices or help you design something uniquely you.

Our custom log homes that range from rustic cabins to modern ski-lodge designs have helped countless families own their dream home. Contact Gingrich Builders today for help in choosing the perfect log cabin color scheme or shop our quality wood stain products today!

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