4 Benefits of Log Homes You Can’t Ignore

Many of the people we talk to are absolutely in love with the look and the feel of a log home — they just aren’t sure if they’re ready to commit. After all, going from spending your entire life living in a typical suburban home to a cabin in the woods can feel like a huge change. While we can’t tell you if you should buy a log cabin, we can share our experience — and some of the benefits of log homes that give homeowners real peace-of-mind!

At Gingrich Builders, we’ve been crafting custom log homes in PA for over 45 years! So, not only can we design and build your dream-come-true home, but we can also answer all of your questions about the practical realities of owning and living in one of our cabins! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of log homes — and talk to our team today!

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Should I Buy a Log Home? Consider This!

One of the most common questions we hear is, “Should I buy a log home?” While we can’t answer that question for you, we can say that if you’ve always dreamed about the possibility of it, the reality of living in a log home is even more amazing. Thanks to our decades of log building experience, we can share some of the benefits of log homes that can help make up your mind:

  1. The Experience is Truly Different — You know the look is different and you love it, but the feeling of living in a log cabin is unique, too — in the best way possible. From the rustic aesthetic of every room, to the smell of the wooden walls, to the walls of windows, there’s no mistaking a log home for an ordinary suburban house. If you’re wondering, “Should I buy a log home?” because you want to experience something different, the answer is absolutely yes!
  2. All of the Fixtures of a Traditional Home are There — While there’s no question that living in a log home will feel refreshingly new, all of the essential fixtures and conveniences of a house will be there, too. Just because you’re living in a beautiful cabin in the woods doesn’t mean you have to rough it! For example, our log homes can be outfitted with modern luxury kitchens and bathrooms that would look at-home on HGTV. You can choose in-demand accessories like custom cabinets, solid surface countertops, tile showers, soaking tubs, and much more! From a practical standpoint, many of our homes come with garages and basements to make year-round living even more convenient.
  3. Long Term Value is Strong — You’re considering buying a log home to adore it — not to flip it for a profit. However, as a homebuyer it’s great to know that your property is an investment. With over 45 years of being a PA log home builder, we can safely say that log homes hold their value just as well as — if not BETTER — than traditional homes. Not only are the homes beautiful, but they are rare, too, which means when they are sold on the open market, the price is strong and the interest is high.
  4. Great Rooms & Open Floor Plans — Among all of our benefits of log homes, this one comes down to our unique architectural design style. While open floor plans and two-story great rooms are a popular fixture that you see on many people’s home wish lists, it’s rare to find suburban homes that have them — especially at a reasonable price. However, real, two-story great rooms come standard with the vast majority of our log home floor plans. Plus, large stone fireplaces (another wish list staple) almost always come standard with our floor plans. So, while you might not expect it, building a gorgeous log home might be the most affordable way to check all the architectural boxes for your dream home!
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Trust Gingrich for All of Your Log Home Care Needs

One of the other reasons that homeowners have doubts and ask, “Should I buy a log home?” is that they have concerns about maintaining it. Although it is true that the real wood exterior will require different maintenance from traditional vinyl siding, it is not overly challenging or expensive to maintain.

The wood siding will need to be sealed and re-stained every few years in order to protect it and to keep the color looking bright. This crucial process is not challenging or complicated; it is just time intensive. Since many of our homeowners choose to handle this maintenance on their own, we carry a wide range of log home maintenance products.

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However, if you’d prefer to leave the log home maintenance to the professionals, our skilled crews are able to handle all of the routine maintenance needed to ensure your home looks as beautiful as the day you moved in!

Enjoy All the Benefits of Log Homes Yourself

If you’ve always dreamt about calling a log home your own — whether as a vacation retreat or your everyday house — you’re in the right place. Even if you’re just in the beginning stages, we encourage you to reach out to our team to discuss the benefits of log homes, our most popular floor plans, custom options, and ballpark prices!

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