The Most Common Log Home Repairs & What You Need to Handle Them

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Owning a log home is an experience like no other. Everything from the feel of the interior walls, the evocative smell and the rich log look — nothing else compares. However, owning a log home requires different maintenance from your average vinyl suburban home.

At Gingrich Builders, we’ve been building custom log homes for more than 45 years and have helped proud log homeowners take care of their investment. The proper maintenance is crucial to keeping your home as gorgeous and strong as the day it was built. Learn more about the most common log home repairs and the log home repair products we recommend.

The Most Common Jobs & the Log Home Repair Products You Need

All the splendor of a log home necessitates some unique maintenance. While these maintenance jobs are common, they require some specialty log home repair products. Click through to see the most important jobs you can do around the house — and the log home repair products to get them done right.

  • Re-Staining the Exterior — This is probably the most important log home repair job you can do as it provides a foundation for the health of the logs. Generally, you’ll need to fully re-stain your log home every 5-7 years. Not only is re-staining important since it keeps your cabin’s color intact, but it also limits the amount of other maintenance that is needed as well. However, if re-staining is skipped, the logs themselves can actually start graying or even rotting.

    We recommend using the Sashco line of log home repair products. We suggest using their Capture Stain if your log home was originally stained with a water-based product or their Transformation Line if you are staining over an oil-based product. In addition, adding a clear coat provides additional protection and performance to your logs.

  • Caulk the Joints, Corners and Cracks — Water can damage any home, log or otherwise. However, on log homes, water is particularly destructive. That’s why repairing water damage is one of the main types of log home repairs you need to pay attention to. The best way to keep water out of your home is to routinely caulk all joints, corners and cracks in the home. Before doing this job every year, you’ll want to hunt high and low for cracks in the logs and other exposed areas.

    To handle this important log home repair job, we recommend using any of Sashco log home caulks and sealants. These high performance products are designed to make your house as watertight as the day it was built.

  • Remedy the Rot — If you see evidence of rot on your log home, it’s something you need to address ASAP. You’ll want to remove any trace of rot before you re-stain and re-seal your home. To eliminate the rot and ensure that it doesn’t spread, you’ll need to physically remove the surface rot and replace the face of the log itself. This can be a bit more challenging than routine log home maintenance — so our crew is always available to help with any log home repairs you need.

  • Cleaning the Logs — One the most essential forms of preventative maintenance, cleaning your cabin is a necessary yearly chore. Washing your house from top-to-bottom removes the dust and pollen that accumulate on the log’s exterior. Removing this debris prevents mold from growing and allows the stain to last longer. However, be careful when choosing log home repair products that clean your house. The right cleaning products safely remove any and all debris while too harsh of a cleanser will actually strip away the coating and sealing.

  • Assess Air Infiltration — An optional but crucial type of log home repair, checking your log home for air infiltration can be a good step to take every few years. This requires using a thermal camera to detect any spots in your home that allow air to leak in. While air leakage isn’t a major emergency, it can make your home less energy-efficient, causing those heating and cooling bills to spike in the summer and winter. While you’ll need an expert with a thermal camera to detect this issue, using basic log home repair products should do the trick when it comes time to fix any problem areas. We recommend using our preferred line of Sashco caulks and chinking.

Trust Gingrich Builders for Repairs

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The simple repairs you make on your log home are an investment in being able to enjoy it year-after-year. If at any point you need help with routine repairs — or you’re facing a major log home repair — we’re the team to trust.

At Gingrich Builders, we don’t just build standout log homes — we help you keep them that way. Our repair crew is well-versed in all of the crucial maintenance you need. From a large job like rot remediation to something basic like caulking your log home, we’re the team of experts that helps you maintain your home properly.

Contact us to get your repair quote today.

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We’re the Pennsylvania source for all things log home living. Whether you’re looking to build one of our popular log home models or your cabin needs repair, we can help. In addition to building and fixing log homes, we also sell a wide variety of log home repair products that allow you, the homeowner, to take care of your home like the pros.

We proudly sell Sashco products, a leading brand of log home repair and maintenance specialty products. Visit our website and shop our complete line of Sashco products today.

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