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Log Cabin Builders

Log Cabin Builders

Log cabins of today are built with combinations of classic and modern styles. The modern versions should be elegant and fully functioning. Log cabin builders have transformed the way that homes turn out. Gingrich Builders is well known for our custom log homes and can provide numerous examples of our work. If you choose quality log cabin builders like us, you can pick from various wood materials, stains and amenities that will show great design and detail.

Log cabin builders can rejoice due to improvements in house construction, the art of building a log cabin is less troublesome than it was decades ago. Coming up with a unique, custom design is possible with a patient, reliable professional like Gingrich Builders. Your artistic endeavors will not be restricted and our professional log cabin builders will construct everything to your exact specifications. Different, floor plans for log homes are available and can be customized according to your personal needs.

Different customers have different ways of participating in the log home project. Your level of participation can vary from watcher to contractor. Some of homeowners clear out trees, stain logs, paint walls and landscape the surrounding areas. Our log cabin builders will work with you no matter how much you're involved. Gingrich Builders also sells log home kits and materials that can't be found in an ordinary lumber yard if you'd like to try your hand as a log cabin builder! Our team is here of offer advice and answer any questions you may have.

A Log Cabin Builder You Can Trust

Log homes can be made in all different sizes, styles, colors and specifications and you will have total creative control over your project when you hire us as your log cabin builder. We will build the right home for the right location that are weather-tight. Some of our favorite log cabins we have built include a lot of glass windows to let all the light in and really allow our homeowners to connect with nature. The best full service professional takes care of your needs and desires, like we do here at Gingrich Builders, so choose us - reliable log cabin builders serving PA!

Customer Testimonial

"Our expression of thanks is so late in coming, but the truth is that it’s been such a busy year and we just haven’t had enough time to spend in the log home to truly appreciate and enjoy it – until just lately. We had such a beautiful time there recently to just relax and give thanks to God for you and the amazing workmanship. Thanks to Merv for your patience with us through the many decisions and changes from beginning to end, and for your wonderful advice, expertise, and fairness. Thanks so much to your crew for your incredible attention to detail and using your skills to help create a gorgeous, top quality home. You always had a smile and were a joy to work with. You and all the wonderful subcontractors helped to make the building of this house a great experience instead of just a stressful one, and we will always appreciate that. We wish you many years of success and good health in all you do and hope to stay in touch. It would be more than our pleasure to refer Gingrich Builders to anyone considering a log home in the future."

Mr. and Mrs. Jessen