6 Features of Southern Log Homes

Southern log homes paired with a gorgeous Pennsylvania view can be the perfect recipe for your woodland retreat. In this short read, we’ll share 6 southern log cabin features that we know you’ll want to incorporate for your northern log cabin.

While Gingrich Builders doesn’t build south of the Mason-Dixon line, that doesn’t mean we aren’t inspired by the beauty of southern log homes. Keep reading to get the scoop and get our tips for locating a cabin builder that can handle the job!

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What Makes a Southern Log Cabin So Unique?

If you’re like us, you love the stunning southern style. With the views of the great Northeast, southern log cabins are the right direction to explore. Here are 6 standard southern home elements and how to add them to your own log cabin home:

  1. Shade Overhang — If you’ve ever been to the south, you’re no stranger to the strong summer sun! Every worthwhile southern log cabin has a practical shade overhang to give extra shade on even the warmest days. By adding an overhang off the side of your home or porch, you too can achieve this signature southern look!
  2. Porches — Southern log homes are famous for their impressive front porches! It’s a key element to southern living that we think should migrate to the Northern states — plus, it’s a gorgeous way to add unique curb appeal to any home. Check out the White Oak model and other log cabins that have this amazing staple!
  3. Pent Roof — Unfamiliar? That’s okay. A Pent roof is a minimally slanted awning that is located above the first floor’s windows and doors. (Take our word for it, it’s a pretty cool idea!) While this type of roof looks attractive, it also serves the functional purpose of diverting water and providing even more shade.
  4. Carport — Aside from the obvious fact that carports cost significantly less to build than a full-fledged garage, they also are quick to build. These little structures are just enough to keep your vehicles and riding toys out of the sun, rain, snow, and other elements!
  5. Great Rooms — For anyone focused on their family, having a grand gathering space is top priority in your southern log home. These enormous open rooms are often the centerpiece in our floor plans, and for good reason. From the outside, great rooms are responsible for much of the exterior profile of the home. Our Maplewood model home has a gorgeous high ceiling which makes for a beautiful great room!
  6. Chimney & Fireplace — Let every night smell just like an old summertime memory by including a chimney and fireplace in your cabin’s design! At Gingrich Log Homes, wood burning fireplaces can be incorporated into each floorplan, so it’s only right to include them in our southern log cabin inspired homes, as well!
southern log cabin bedroom

What to Look for in a Log Home Builder

At Gingrich Builders, we’ve been in business for more than 40 years, and we’ve spent the whole time dedicated to building log homes. The best log home builders all offer the same advantages to their clients.

You should expect a builder that is local to your area and has an in-house team of experts to complete your dream home. In addition, you want to make sure that your builder offers a true turn-key experience, meaning they turn over a 100% livable home at the end of the process. Finally, you also want a company that supports your maintenance needs throughout the lifespan of the house.

Learn more about the traits of the best log home builders.

Finding the Best Southern Log Home Builder for the Job

Is it possible to get that classic southern charm, without that dreaded summer heat or long commute? With some log cabin builders, maybe not — but with Gingrich Log Homes, it absolutely is!

Gingrich Builders has been meticulously studying southern log home features and pulling favorites to include in our own log cabin designs! Because the majority of our work is done here in central Pennsylvania, we can give you the pleasures of southern log homes meshed with the beauty of northern scenery!

Let us show you just how rewarding (and beautiful) building a southern log cabin can be! Contact us today for a free quote and fast, friendly service.

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