5 Benefits of New Log Homes

If you’re certain you’re about to make your dream of log home living come true, you have a big question to answer: Do you call a realtor and look on the open market — or do you work with a builder to construct your own log cabin? While both options can be fantastic, there are several advantages that make building new log homes the best choice for most log cabin lovers!

At Gingrich Builders, we’re a cabin builder with more than four decades of experience building new log homes in PA. These are the reasons that real people consider when choosing whether to buy on the open market or build from the ground up! Keep reading to explore the advantages of building that you might not have thought of yet!

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Important Advantages of Building a New Log Cabin

Ultimately, no matter how you get your dream cabin, you’ll love it! The benefits of building a new log cabin are more to ensure you have the perfect design — and the fewest headaches down the road. These are the five essential advantages to consider:

  1. Guarantee Exterior Maintenance — This is truly a game-changing reason that makes a new cabin worth it. There’s no question that gorgeous log exteriors will require specialized maintenance or there can be issues with insects, fading, and even rot or mold over the years. When you buy on the open market, you’re putting a lot of trust in the previous owner’s home maintenance. When you build new, you have 100% confidence the exterior will be properly cared for — because you’ve been there from the start.

    Take a look at the most common log home maintenance needs.
  2. Everything is New — This is a great advantage of any new build, whether it’s built of wood or anything else! With a brand-new home, you get to enjoy a new HVAC system, water heater, appliances, and much more. Right off the bat, this means you don’t have to worry about any replacements for quite a while. On top of that, if this is a vacation home where you won’t spend the majority of your time, an appliance failing or leaking can have catastrophic effects that you won’t notice for some time. That alone makes the upgraded appliances of a new log cabin essential.
  3. Have Your Warranties — Going hand-in-hand with the topic of home fixtures, when you build new you get to take advantage of more warranties. Oftentimes, things like windows and appliances have strong warranties that simply aren’t transferable. Building your own log home gives you the most protection on these important things.
  4. Love the Interior Style — While the exterior look of a log home is timeless, the interior aesthetics can change rapidly with design trends. So, while you may love the outside of a pre-owned cabin, you may find the interior (especially the kitchen and any bathrooms) to look very dated. Opting for a new log cabin ensures that the look is up to date and matches your individual tastes!

    Check out how HGTV-worthy our log home kitchens look!
  5. Designed for Your Purposes — For the majority of people we meet with and talk to, their new log home is the culmination of years of dreaming. And for most people, their dream homes need to be custom built. After all, when you design the house yourself, you can match it to how you’ll use it. This includes the layout to ensure you have enough room for family and friends, the outdoor living areas you need, the window-filled great room you crave, and much more!

    Get an idea of the log home design process.
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A Key Point about Construction Quality

Consider this the informal sixth reason to build a new log cabin: Not all log homes are built to the same impeccable high-quality that you expect. This often comes down to the way in which they were built. At Gingrich Builders, our crew handles building your home from the ground up, and we never skimp on quality.

However, there are several other methods to buy a log cabin that may not be quite as reliable as the tried-and-true method. For example, some log homes are built in the modular style. This means the pieces are built in a factory and put together like a Lego set on your site. On the other hand, there are also log home kits that require the homeowner to coordinate the construction from multiple sub-contracted crews. While neither of these two building styles are inherently bad, there are far more potential pitfalls and quality concerns that arise from them.

This ties back to the advantages of a new cabin because when you build new, you know you’re getting lifetime quality! Learn about the differences between log home manufacturers and builders.

Build a New Log Home with Us

If these unexpected advantages caught your attention or pictures of our projects captured your imagination, we’d love to talk. The first step of building a new log home is a conversation with our team about your dream house, your budget, and your timetable.

Reach out right now to get started!

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