Log Cabins with Garages

At Gingrich Builders, we build log homes that satisfy the wants and needs of our customers. Whether that’s with a stylistic feature or a practical add-on, we can make your log cabin dreams come true. One of the log cabin accessories we often build is full garages — and we have plenty of styles for you to choose from. See a few of your options for log cabins with garages — and build your home with us!

We’re a custom log home builder that specializes in turnkey log home construction throughout Pennsylvania. We offer a wide range of log cabins with garages as well as options without. See a few of these sought-after models with different size garages right here! However, if you’re ready to talk to a designer, we encourage you to send us a message or give us a phone call!

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Your Options for Log Homes with Garages

log cabin with three car garage

For many potential homeowners, log homes with garages offer several key advantages. Firstly, if this is your primary residence, you’ll likely want the convenience of keeping your cars out of the elements — as well as having extra attached storage. However, if this cabin is going to be a fun vacation retreat, you may want a garage to securely store outdoor toys like ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, and more.

Whether you’re looking for one, two, or three-car garages, you have options:

2-Car Garage Option: Blue Ridge

The most popular option for log homes with garages, two-car garages provide great storage for your primary vehicle as well as boasting plenty of extra space. The Blue Ridge is a model that deserves some attention here as it features an oversized 2-car garage — with added space and an extra-large door! This home is perfect for everyday living or making memories on frequent getaways!

See the Blue Ridge >

3-Car Garage Option: Chesterland

Everything about the Chesterland is huge — including the roomy 3-car garage. This modern and spacious home is certainly large enough to share with multiple families. If you are sharing the home with different groups, being able to keep everyone’s cars in the garage is a nice and welcoming touch. Of course, that extra garage space could also be the perfect place to set up a workshop or to fix up cars.

See the Chesterland >

1-Car Garage Option: Royer

This log cabin with a garage is featured here for several reasons, it’s built in the chalet style, and keeps the overall dimensions and footprint small. Going along with that style, the attached garage is in the basement of the Royer. Since this retreat is often enjoyed as a couple or with a small group, the single-car garage is normally big enough for whatever you require. While you might expect a log home with a garage to be more expensive, this is actually one of our most affordable log cabins!

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Custom Building Everything, Every Time

log home with two car garage

When you buy a home from Gingrich Builders, you’ll enjoy a full turnkey experience. That means we take care of every aspect of the build, which holds true whether you’re buying a huge log home with a garage or a solitary hunting cabin.

The reason we like to make this distinction is that log home kits and log home garage kits have become more popular in recent years. These products deliver the blueprints and raw materials needed to build a log home but leave the work up to the customer. While these kits claim to boast big savings, in most cases after you’ve hired the teams of contractors needed to do the work, you’re over budget, behind schedule, and stressed out!

Learn more about the downsides of log home kits right here!

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The gorgeous Blue Ridge, Chesterland, and Royer are just a few examples of Gingrich log cabins with garages. In addition to our wide range of popular models, we also offer every customer the chance to custom build their home completely from the ground up. Whether you want to build one of our favorites or design your own, the first step is a conversation with our team.

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