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Log homes are the cornerstone of Gingrich Builders. From rustic hunting cabins to luxury log vacation homes, we build and service them all. As more and more people are motivated to perform their own log home care, we wanted to offer them the very same line of high performance products that professionals use. That’s why we became an official Sashco dealer.

As a full-service Sashco dealer, we offer the complete line of Sashco log home products including their industry-leading stains and much more. Sashco is a manufacturer of caulks and finishes specifically developed to protect your log home from the day it was built. Not only are these products trusted by professionals like us, but they are the gold standard for DIY log home care. See Sashco products and discover how they can protect and enhance your log home!


Sashco Stain: The Top Choice for Log Home Care

Our skilled cabin care crews repair, restore, and maintain the beauty of log homes – whether Gingrich built them or not. When it comes to protecting the logs themselves, Sashco stains are our go-to products.

See the stain options below:

Sashco products

Capture – Capture is Sashco’s water-based stain that proves extremely effective at enhancing the richness of the wood color – not hiding the grain of the wood. If your home is brand new and never stained, or was originally sealed with a water-based stain, you’ll want to opt for Capture. This stain has a high level of elasticity, so it expands and contracts with the lumber, ensuring the wooden exterior stays protected.


Sashco stain

Transformation – Transformation is the other primary line of stains that you need to restore your log home and the dreams that go with it. An oil-based stain, this is your go-to choice if your home was previously sealed with oil. In addition, this is our recommendation for log homes that have lost their luster. This glossy finish can restore the former glory of your logs while keeping them protected going forward.


Sashco product clear coat

Cascade – Cascade is a clear coat which is paired with Capture. After applying your 2 coats of Capture, you’ll want to clear coat the logs with Cascade for maximum protection from the weather and the sun’s UV rays. Available in Matte or Semi-Gloss.



Additional Sashco Log Home Products  

Although stains may be their flagship product line, Sashco creates other essential products for log home owners. Check out some of the additional Sashco log home products:


Sashco's log home products for chinking

Log Jam – Log Jam is Sashco’s line of chinking, which is a textured flexible caulk to mimic the old-time mortar look. Often used by our repair crews, this product is essential for repairing and protecting wider gaps or those horizontal joints between individual logs. On certain older log homes, this product is an absolute life saver to repair the old cracked mortar used years ago.


Sashco's product: Textured Conceal Caulk

Conceal – There are several different types of caulk among the inventory of Sashco log home products. Conceal is a line of log caulk that has a light texture to simulate the natural roughness of wood, but is extremely elastic so it moves with the wood without cracking or tearing. This product is available in colors that complement the most popular stain colors so everything blends nicely. Conceal also allows you to keep your home protected by touching up any damage, without changing the look of the logs.


Sashco log building sealant caulk

Log Builder – Log Builder caulk is Sashco’s long standing original sealant introduced in 1987. Log Builder is not textured and stretches up to 500% of original size while still maintaining adhesion to the wood. This trusted product will keep your log home comfortably sealed from wind, water, and bugs year after year.


 Why We Choose to be a Sashco Products Dealer

We are very proud to be one of the few Sashco dealers in PA. Not only are we more than happy to stand behind these products when we sell them to log cabin owners, but Sashco is the same line of products our own cabin care crews use every day. The reason that we choose Sashco products is because they are designed specifically for use in wood and log homes. While some companies try to offer a one-size-fits-all product, Sashco designs specifically for log homes. In addition, all of their products are designed to look absolutely amazing on all different species of wood.

If you want to use Sashco yourself, we’re happy to ship it to you or you can pick it up at our Lancaster County model home and store. However, if you have any questions, please reach out and contact us today!

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