The Homeowner’s Guide to Log Home Rot Repair

Your log home is more than just a house, it’s your pride and joy. However, taking care of a log home is slightly different than a traditional house. One of the biggest questions we hear about is the danger of wood rot. So how can you tell when your cabin is experiencing wood rot and what can you actually do about it? Gingrich Builders is here to answer those questions — and more!

Keep reading to learn all about log home rot repair, how to perform a proper annual log home inspection, and who to call to get the expert help you need if you discover a problem.

The First Steps to Wood Rot Repair

wood rot repair

All homes suffer damage at one time or another, no matter what type of materials they’re built of. As a log home owner, you should be aware of the types of repairs you’re able to tackle yourself and when you should call in reinforcements. At Gingrich Builders, we like to cater to both the DIY fixer and the ones with a professional preference.

We’ve put together the ultimate homeowner’s guide to wood rot repair for everyone asking questions like, “Is my log cabin rotting?” or, “How do you perform a log home inspection?”. Here are 5 steps to take to find out if your log home is experiencing rot and some signs that you may need a professional’s help.

  1. Tap It — The challenging thing about performing a log home inspection is finding areas of wood rot. Because wood rot is an inside-out process, it can be difficult to see just where the rot is with the bare eye. Tap the wood logs with your finger and pay special attention to the noise it produces. If it sounds hollow, there is most likely deterioration inside and wood rot repair is probably needed.
  2. Visually Inspect It — How does your log home look visually? Have you noticed any discoloration or chipping? Simply looking at the quality of the wood on your home can be a good indicator of whether you should call an expert for further log home rot repair.
  3. Look for Scratching — A definite sign that you need professional wood rot repair help is when flakes are frequent. What we mean by this: If you scratch off flakes of your wooden logs with your nails, there is most likely rot on the surface, and you would need to confirm it hasn’t penetrated deeper.
  4. Feel It — Log home rot can be as easy to recognize as simply touching and feeling the sturdiness of the logs. A wood log that is soft to the touch may mean that there is rot occurring on the inside. If you notice this, it’s time to call a professional for log home rot repair.
  5. Test It Out — The ultimate and most accurate way to tell if you need repair is to have an expert, like Gingrich Builders, perform a log home inspection. During the inspection, the professionals will test the wood for rot to assess the depth of rot.

How To Perform a Log Home Inspection

Now that you know what signs to look for during a DIY log home inspection, it’s time to talk about where to look for those signs. When evaluating the condition of your log home’s exterior, it’s best to start looking at the corners of the house, the bottom row of logs, and around the window trim. These are the most vulnerable areas of the home and the places where wood rot repair is often needed first.

While everyone can perform a log home inspection to some degree, no one can do it quite like a professional team of log cabin experts. Here are a few times when and when not to do log home repairs yourself.

Log home repairs to do yourself:

Times to trust the professionals:

  • You are having trouble recognizing if logs are rotted
  • Entire sections of the home are rotted
  • Deteriorated wood needs removed and replaced
  • Select sections of the log home is rotted

Log Home Rot Repair Services with Gingrich Builders

log home rot repair services

If you’ve recognized any of the signs we discussed in this blog in your log home, we strongly encourage you to reach out to a our log home rot repair team. Rot needs to be repaired as soon as possible or the log cabin runs risk of the rot spreading and worsening. Plus, the sooner it’s repaired, the less expensive the repair will cost.

To have our team perform a log home inspection or wood rot repair serves to your log cabin, the first step is contacting us online or over the phone. From there, we will be able to better assist you and meet your needs quickly. Fill out our form to get started!

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