6 Log Cabin Remodeling Ideas to Enhance Your Home

An untouched cabin can tug on your heartstrings – but remodeling it can open up a world of new opportunities. Whether you’ve outgrown your current space, or the previous owner didn’t give it the T-L-C it deserved, there isn’t anything that can’t be enhanced with a quality cabin remodeling idea. Whatever the reason for wanting to remodel a log cabin, we’re the team to do it!

At Gingrich Builders, we’ve been building and completing total log cabin restorations for over 45 wonderful years. We’ve brought to life many beautiful log cabin remodeling ideas, and today, we’re sharing 6 of the best with you!

Keep reading to discover some incredible inspiration for remodeling a log home or schedule a consultation for a price estimate.

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Popular Ideas for Remodeling a Log Cabin

Think remodeling a log home eliminates its original rustic charm? Think again!

These log cabin restoration ideas combine simplistic modernization and functional design for a new and improved home. Here are 6 popular log cabin remodeling ideas:

  1. Build a Garage: Protect your cars, ATVs, UTVs, and other vehicles in a stylish enclosed garage! While many cabins will have a detached, pole-barn style garage already built on the property, some homeowners want one that matches the rustic look of their log home. With all the added square footage and usable space, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular log cabin remodeling ideas we do! See more examples of log cabins with garages.adding a garage to your log cabin
  2. Re-stain the Exterior: Re-staining the exterior of your cabin not only preserves the wood from deterioration but also serves as the primary line of defense against water and UV damage. If you’re looking to remodel your log cabin to update its look, try choosing a new stain color! Learn everything you need to know about performing DIY log home maintenance from our experienced professionals.
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  3. Add an In-Law Suite: There’s nothing like growing up with grandma and grandpa close by. As grandma and grandpa grow older and no longer feel safe living on their own, you have the option at add space to your home so they can be near family. If this sounds familiar, remodeling your log home to include a separate in-law quarters is a fantastic and functional solution!
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  4. Design a Deck or Porch: You visit the cabin to enjoy time outdoors, or you just want to relax at home outside after work – nothing enhances this relaxing experience like a porch or deck! While unwinding outside, you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee, an afternoon read, or even an evening sunset. Plus, remodeling a log home with a deck or wrap around porch adds major re-sale value should you decide to sell one day! See more examples of log homes with wrap around porches.
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  5. Deep Clean: While it’s not a true log cabin remodeling idea, a good old-fashioned cleaning can really transform the appearance of a home. With the right supplies and a little bit of elbow grease, this is definitely a mini renovation you could do yourself! Shop all the log home cleaner materials we recommend and enjoy fast, nationwide shipping. If you would prefer leaving this process to the professionals please contact for a quote.
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  6. Renovate the Interior: Remodeling a log cabin doesn’t stop with the exterior of the home. If you’re feeling inspired, an interior renovation is a great place to drive that energy! One of our favorite ways to add a little extra charm to any custom log home is to add authentic barn doors. At Gingrich Builders, we have both hinged and sliding options available for pick-up. Shop Now!
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Total Log Cabin Restoration

No matter if your version of the perfect log cabin remodeling idea means exterior additions or interior makeovers, Gingrich Builders is the team to trust for your total log cabin restoration needs. Because every log home is unique, it’s difficult to provide a one-size-fits-all price estimate per renovation. Instead, we encourage you to reach out to our experienced log home builders and remodelers if your cabin is located in PA, for a personalized price quote. On top of all the cabin remodeling ideas above, we’re also happy to offer regular inspections, power washing, staining, pest control and other general log home restoration and renovations to the area. Contact Gingrich Builders today to request a quote!


Bring Your Log Cabin Remodeling Ideas to Life with Gingrich Builders!

Did you fall in love with one of our log cabin remodeling ideas?

If you’re considering remodeling your log cabin, a conversation is the best place to start. Talking with a Gingrich Builders representative is always the first step to crafting your new dream home. During our first call, we’ll listen to your log cabin remodeling ideas or provide a few of our own if you’re still gathering inspiration. From there, we’ll schedule a meeting at our office to discuss more of the details.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and a new log cabin to gain! – contact Gingrich Builders now!

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