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Log Home Design

Top 5 Trends in Luxury Log Home Designs

Custom, Forward-Thinking Log Cabins

To many, the mention of log cabins evokes images of plain, rustic structures built by our pioneering ancestors back in Davy Crockett’s day, but today’s log home designs are nothing like the utilitarian, dirt-floored boxes of yore. Today, log home trends are synonymous with luxury and comfort, and most are tailor-made to the owner’s specific needs and desires. While Gingrich Log Homes offers a variety of stunning model homes and exquisite floor plans, each finished house is unique. Even though our luxury log homes are made to each individual’s specifications, we are aware of popular trends that arise in log home design. Below are five of the hottest design trends among log home builders today.

A Porch with More than Just a View

The old pastiche of the simple front porch with an old wooden rocking chair may seem quaint, but anyone who can afford a custom home can make better use of his or her porch. Luxury porches and decks are catching on like wildfire among homeowners, especially those who want to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings. Many do this by incorporating home comforts into their patio designs by adding ornate fire pits, brick ovens and smokers, and even small outdoor kitchens. One can enjoy a gorgeous panoramic view while kicking back in luxurious indoor/outdoor furnishings. Outdoor temperatures need not apply when one has huge outdoor fireplaces and built-in radiant heaters to stay warm and cozy.

Smaller Homes with Bigger Impact

Today, a home builder may want a smaller design for any number of reasons, which may include budget, family size, or ecological awareness. Smaller does not equal simpler in most cases, however. The popularity of smaller log homes with more “bells and whistles” has grown in recent years, and now many clients request more compact custom log homes that include more personalized amenities. This way, the owner makes every square foot count, and he or she can use money saved through downsizing for posh upgrades like granite counters and whirlpool baths.

First-floor Master Suites for Privacy and Convenience

A large percentage of luxury log home owners are either retired or in the retirement planning stage, and accessibility becomes a major issue for them. These customers require open floor plans and easy access to their living spaces. A first-floor master bedroom suite is most convenient for aging residents who may not want to climb stairs every night. Placing additional bedrooms upstairs also provides more privacy and comfort for guests by buffering the noise of regular household activity and chatter.

Custom Design- Make it Truly Yours

This topic may seem a bit redundant when discussing custom-made log homes; however, one of the leading trends among builders is to tweak existing floor plans with personal touches to accommodate their individual needs and lifestyles. Alterations can be as simple as enlarging the kitchen to creating a whole new floor plan from several different models. Even do-it-yourself-ers buying log cabin kits can make their own unique structures by requesting special alterations to ready-made floor plans.

Stylish and Functional Details

Each customer has his or her idea of the perfect home, and these sentiments are reflected more in the details than the overall appearance of a house. This is the primary reason why clients choose to build from scratch rather than look for preexisting log cabins for sale. Some modern home builders create special spaces to accommodate their hobbies and interests, while others want to focus on Eco-friendly designs that are energy efficient.

A client’s vision of the ideal log home is top priority for Gingrich Builders. Trends can change like the seasons, but our custom designed luxury log cabins will stand for generations. Our company has been a top provider of log homes for over thirty years because we stay up-to-date on trends while meeting the needs and desires unique to each home builder.

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