Modern Log Cabin Essentials

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When Americans think of log cabins, they tend to imagine a rough-and-tumble frontier home, the kind where Abraham Lincoln was born. But you know better. If you’re planning, researching, or shopping around, you know that modern log cabins come complete with all the 21st century luxuries and amenities you could ever want.

At Gingrich Builders, we’ve been custom-crafting log homes for over 40 years. Whether you’re still in the planning stage or you’re hunting for a builder, we’d love to show you just how modern log cabins can be.  Read our latest blog to learn about the essential touches we install in contemporary log homes.

7 Modern Log Home Must-Haves

While the exterior of your log home showcases the rustic beauty of white pine, the inside can be as up-to-date as any other new build. Some of these modern log home must-haves are log home design trends, while others are those deluxe upgrades that make your house feel like a dream home. These are our 7 biggest modern log home essentials:

  1. Open Floor Plan — An open floor plan makes your home feel bigger and is perfect for making the most of ample natural light. We often build our projects around open floor plans as this layout provides room for entertaining space or for families together. See more log homes with open floor plans.
  2. Great Room — Another main design feature that has become a hallmark of modern log cabins is a central great room. Combining a living room, kitchen, and dining room, these huge spaces with high ceilings provide the wow factor — and are absolutely essential to take advantage of the outdoor views through the large windows to frame a beautiful landscape!
  3. Loft — Overlooking your great room, a second-floor loft is a must-have design feature that our customers request in almost EVERY cabin we build. Unless you choose a one-story model, your cabin will come with a luxury loft, often complete with a master suite. Abe Lincoln’s log cabin didn’t have one of these!
  4. Garage — A practical upgrade that finds a place in many of our homes. Whether you’re planning to use your log home as a vacation home or a primary residence, having a garage just makes sense. Many of our log home models are built with a garage, and we’re always ready to add one onto any project. A detached garage is an option as a space to keep recreational vehicles, a wood working shop or other storage.
  5. Luxury Bathroom — The one part of a rustic log home cabin that nobody romanticizes is the antique 1800’s bathrooms — or worse, outhouses. Your modern log cabin should — and absolutely can — come equipped with a luxury bathroom or multiple bathrooms. Whether you like a whirlpool tub, a stand-up shower, or a heated tile floor, we can incorporate it into your dream home!
  6. Basement — Another modern update, having a basement in your log cabin is crucial when making it your year-round home. Having that extra storage space keeps you from cluttering up the living spaces. Plus, at Gingrich Builders, we include an unfinished basement with every single home we build, which can be finished to add additional living space and versatility to your home.
  7. Deluxe Kitchen — In modern day log cabins, you have your choice of a magazine-worthy kitchen. We often build custom kitchens into log homes that include features like granite countertops, fully custom cabinets, beautiful backsplashes, large sit-up islands and more.

Log Home Options to Customize

modern log home

Your modern log home can be built completely custom from blueprints we design together — however, many of our customers love to start with one of our popular model homes as the basis of design. You can explore our full list of homes and find one that meets your needs and budget. Learn more about log cabin prices.

Modern Log Cabin Builders

modern log cabin basement

At Gingrich Builders, we have decades of experience creating a wide variety of standout log homes throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. We’re proud of our reputation for specializing in luxury modern log cabins that make amazing year-round homes.

Whether you want to start talking price or you still want to explore your many options, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Contact us today!

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