Modern Log Cabin Interiors: Designs & Ideas

Conjuring up visions of cabins usually results in rustic, laid-back, and even eclectic interiors with mounted animals or country quilts. But what about those of us who love cabin life, but also really love modern design?

It’s no wonder why contemporary cabins are becoming so popular in 2023 – modern log cabin interiors offer the perfect blend of cozy and chic, allowing you to create a space that’s both visually appealing and personable!

Discover the 7 essential interior design elements to creating a modern log house as well as exterior looks to inspire your total home aesthetic. Keep reading to learn more – or contact our team now to design your cabin!


7 Essential Elements to Creating a Modern Log House

Give your log home that modern edge while still embracing the rustic charm of its natural elements. Explore and experiment with these 7 essential aspects of modern log cabin interior design…

  1. Stonework – Stonework plus wooden logs equals one GORGEOUS atmosphere. Whether it’s on the kitchen island, fireplace, chimney, or basement, the incorporation of either authentic or veneer stone is a fantastic way to achieve a modern log cabin interior.
    modern log cabin interior designs with stonework
  2. Clean and Simple Lines – No matter what type of space you’re designing for, clean and sleek lines are one of the most important elements of the modern aesthetic. During furniture, fixture, appliance, and décor selections, remember that simplicity is key!
    sleek and clean lines of modern interior cabin design
  3. Modern Fixtures and Finishes – While a modern design can really be communicated through the furniture stylings you choose, fixtures and finishes also have a vital role to play in achieving a contemporary log home. Metals and natural textiles are a stylish way to bring visual interest to a contemporary log home design.
    modern log home interior fixtures and finishes
  4. High Ceilings – All modern log cabin interiors have this one thing in common: high ceilings! This grand and glorious feature does more than just make your space feel bigger, but it also presents the opportunity for more natural light – a modern log house feature we’ll discuss in more detail next.
    contemporary log cabin interior ideas
  5. Natural Light – Natural light can turn any drab cabin into a modern log house masterpiece! Transform the interior environment of your log home with the simple addition of large windows or several smaller ones!
    modern wooden cabin interior lighting
  6. Neutral Colors – The hidden secret to accomplishing a satisfying modern log house is using the right color scheme. Modern design is all about cool neutrals with pops of colors so consider incorporating white, black, gray and bold accent hues into your log home.
    wooden cabin with neutral interior paint color
  7. Less is More – The greatest modern log cabin designs perfect the balance between having too many and too few decorations. More times than not, showcasing knick-knacks is quick way to date the design of your space. Try to keep not only your furniture, but your fixtures and décor simple, understated, and minimalistic with interesting textures or lines.
    simple modern log cabin bathroom


Contemporary Log Cabin Models

Contemporary log cabin exteriors are typically a combination of classic and modern elements. Stained wood logs give the home its signature rustic look, while contemporary rooflines add a touch of sophistication and style. For a contemporary log cabin exterior, we recommend any of these customizable models…

wooden log house exterior

Lake Haven: If curb appeal is your goal, Lake Haven is your winning choice of contemporary log cabins. With a stunning wall of windows and incredible vaulted ceilings, this modern cabin is 2,100 square feet of pure pizzazz. Not to mention, it’s one of our most popular models to date!

Chestnut: The Chestnut model log cabin combines the classic look of a ranch home with the stylish appeal of modern rooflines. In this contemporary log home, you’ll find 2.5 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and over 2,600 square feet!

Chesterland: Combining a modern log cabin interior with a contemporary exterior is the Chesterland model log home from Gingrich Builders. For those who appreciate spaciousness, storage and style, THIS is the model for you! The Chesterland boasts 3,000 square feet with 3.5 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 stories, a back porch, and even a garage.

Interested in seeing more log cabin floor plans available in your area? Gingrich Builders proudly offers over 20+ beautiful log cabin models for sale in PA.

Learn more about how to find your log cabin design style or customize your own cabin today.


Create Your Own Modern Wooden Cabin with Gingrich Builders!

Gingrich Builders is your go-to log cabin builder in Pennsylvania, specializing in both classic and contemporary designs. With over 20+ customizable models to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect log home for your family!

Start your cabin journey with us today and you can create the modern wooden log cabin of your dreams.

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