Log Home Pictures to Inspire You

For those who dream about owning one, a log cabin can truly be a thing of beauty. Whether it’s a small cabin or a log home mansion, they are all gorgeous. We’re sharing some of our favorite log home pictures from the last year to give you inspiration for your own.

At Gingrich Builders, we’re a PA log home builder with 45+ years of experience crafting amazing log houses throughout the state. Today’s blog showcases some of our favorite log home pictures of recent projects — as well as brief explanations of why we love them. Keep reading to get inspired, or schedule a consultation with our designers!

Pictures of Log Cabins: Big and Small

While there’s tons you can learn about owning a log home, we often find that the cliché is true: a picture truly says a thousand words. These pictures of log cabins range from big to small, highlighting a range of our favorite log home models. Find inspiration and give us a call when you can imagine the log cabin you’ll call home!

A Classic Cabin picture of classic log cabin

One of our very popular Creekside model homes, this cabin creates a true wooded retreat perfect for hunters and hikers. Plus, the modest size keeps the price low, making this one of our most affordable log homes.

Lakeside Retreat lakeside retreat log home picture

A picturesque place to spend your days, this large log home floorplan provides ample room for the whole family and friends. Meanwhile, the enormous great room window gallery overlooks an unbeatable view of the pond and the meadow.

Log Cabin with Flair picture of log cabin with flair

This next picture of a log cabin features a few extras that make it custom tailored to the owners’ tastes. Note the gorgeous red metal roof with snow guards and the large screened-in porch. This is the perfect getaway right at the woods’ edge!

Colonial Style Log Home colonial style log home picture

Colonial homes are one of the most popular styles on the market. It only makes sense that this would extend into log homes as well. Check out the log home picture of one of our log colonials, complete with gable roofs and a front porch!

Vacation Home vacation log home picture

No gallery of log home pictures would be complete without the dream-come-true vacation home. Notice the expansive front porch, the central great room, and the overall size of the house which makes it perfect for multiple families to share.

Learn more about the essentials for a dream log home!

Secluded Deluxe Cabin pictures of deluxe log cabin

Nestled in an open meadow, this Fox Run model log home has the traditionally rustic style of a log cabin but with a larger footprint. Coming in at 2,300 square feet, this deluxe cabin features 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, making this a great family home in a unique style!

One-of-a-Kind Log Home one-of-a-kind log home picture

Proving that log homes can look like anything! This sprawling home features a combination of masonry stonework and log timbers, creating the truly show-stopping space you see.

Looking for even more pictures of log cabins? Check out our project showcase gallery!

Beautiful Interiors Built with Every Home

While all of these log home pictures show off the exterior design of our homes, we put just as much time into ensuring the interiors are equally jaw-dropping. The interior walls of all our homes are made of beautifully finished pine wood. In addition, you’ll find the outstanding amenities that come with any other luxury home such as spa-style bathrooms and deluxe kitchens.

See some of our favorite log home kitchens right here.

Ultimately, when you work with Gingrich Builders, every element of your home — inside and out — can be customized.

See More Log Home Pictures & Talk Price

We hope that some of these log home pictures sparked your inspiration for your very own dream-come-true log house. While these are some of our favorite projects in recent years, they are just a small sample showcasing what Gingrich Builders can do for you. The first step is a conversation with our designers about what inspires you. We can also give you ideas about what it’ll cost to get the key to your very own log home.

Reach out today to start the conversation!

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