Most Popular Log Home Colors: Inspiration Gallery

The natural aesthetic of high-quality lumber is one of the distinct features that makes our cabins and houses truly a thing of beauty. However, even the most attractive natural logs need to be paired with a stain to protect them — as well as to enhance their gorgeous appearance. To help you start thinking about what you’ll choose for your dream home, we’re profiling our most popular log home colors!

Gingrich Builders is a PA log home company with more than 45 years of experience building gorgeous and practical dream homes throughout our service area. We’re a dedicated log home builder that only builds log houses and cabins and provides full turnkey service. Check out four exceptional log home colors you can choose for your project — and reach out to our team for a free, no-obligation consultation!

4 Favorite Log Cabin Stain Colors

While the authentic look of the cedar or pine logs will always be a major factor in the exterior look of your home, the stain you choose can play a significant role, too. Our log cabin stain colors range from subtle hues to dramatic shades — it all depends on your style preference. Check out four favorites that show a real range of options:

red cedar log home color

1. Red Cedar Stain

While we do build red cedar log homes, choosing this species of lumber is not the only way to access its bright and bold red hue. While this stain is certainly a distinct choice for a home’s exterior, it always maintains an authentic and natural look as well. Plus, this eye-catching log home color pairs well with a colorful roof for a multi-faceted color scheme.

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hazelnut log cabin stain color

2. Hazelnut

One of the most traditional and most beautiful log cabin stain colors we offer, Hazelnut provides a rich brown color for your home. This attractive color profile is a safe choice for a wide variety of homes, and for many homebuyers, it truly defines what a log home should look like. This color pairs well with dark-colored roofs and stone accents, like the chimney or other features.

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wheat log home color

3. Wheat

This light log home color is a winner as it showcases so much of the natural wood grain. While Wheat comes very close to an unstained look, it offers the protection needed to ensure the wood stays watertight for years to come! This choice is often used for log cabins nestled into a forest for a truly rustic and lived-in space.

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weatherwood gray log cabin stain color

4. Weatherwood Gray

Another showstopping log home stain, Weatherwood Gray brings a modern feel to an otherwise traditional type of space. Not fully gray, this log cabin stain color pairs a brown base with the standout notes of gray. The stain in this log home picture is often chosen for homes and cabins that have an all-around distinct color style. Compared to the minimal style of the Wheat stain, Weatherwood Gray truly showcases just how much color variety you have when staining your home.

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Buy Log Home Stains Right Here

While brainstorming log home colors and options is something homeowners often do at the beginning of their journey, it is true that you need to stain and seal your home periodically during the course of owning it, too. While it is common to stick with the original log cabin stain color, you can absolutely use this as an opportunity to transform your cabin’s exterior.

We offer two primary stain types: one that is water based and another that is oil based. Both options look gorgeous and come in a wide variety of these beautiful colors. More than anything, which one you choose depends on whether your home was originally stained with an oil or water stain. Capture and Transformation alike will enhance the look of the existing grain, enhance the coloring, and keep your log home protected from the elements.

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Discuss Your Favorite Log Home Colors & Start Designing

If you’re planning your dream log home, we’d love to be a part of it. We work with homeowners every year to plan every aspect of their cabins — and we take care of everything when building it for them. The first step is a conversation with our designers to talk about all of your preferences including home size, lumber, architectural style, and the log home color you love.

Reach out right now to start designing with the Gingrich Builders team!

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