Log Cabin Addition Ideas with the Highest ROI

When you bought your log cabin, it was PERFECT for your needs – but now, as family and hobbies expand, it’s time for an upgrade. Instead of relocating your decades of future memories, a log cabin renovation to your current home may be all you need!

In today’s blog, we’re exploring all of the best log cabin addition ideas that result in the highest future return-on-investment, including log cabin decks and porches, garages, bathroom remodels and more.

As local cabin builders and remodelers in PA for the past 48 years, we strive to help folks like you create the custom log cabin of their dreams. Keep reading to dive deep into an abundance of log cabin addition ideas – or contact our team today to schedule your personal price estimate.


Log Cabin Decks and Porches

renovate your cabin with a deck or porch

A log home is about more than just enjoying the indoors—it’s also an invitation to embrace the great outdoors!

The best log cabin additions are ones that affordably increase or improve the ways you get to enjoy your home. Adding log cabin decks and porches can help your family and friends to spend time relaxing at your nature retreat. One of the best ways to get the very most out of this log home addition is by adding a screened-in porch or covered porch so that you can enjoy your space year-round, even with bugs and bad weather.

Beyond the countless hours of socializing, relaxing, and dining, a log cabin deck or porch addition is a fantastic investment. The cost is low in comparison to traditional interior rooms and the extra space with the added experience of embracing nature can boost your resale value significantly.

Explore more log cabin decks and wraparound porch ideas from Gingrich Builders to begin dreaming about your next log home remodel now!


Log Home Garage Additions

log cabin garage addition ideas

Whether you’re expanding onto the garage that’s already on your property or looking to build your first, a log home garage is one of the best cabin additions you can make for increasing practical usability and resale value!

Both attached and detached garages provide protection from the elements for storing ATVs, RVs, campers, boats, and other outdoor recreation equipment throughout all of the seasons. Not to mention, it also protects vehicles from theft for long periods when you might be away.

These features are at the top of the list as some of the most desirable ideas for log cabin addition ideas and resale value. Families purchasing retreat homes are looking for log cabin garages to store their recreational equipment for the complete entertainment experience.

If the cabin is rented to other people, a detached garage is an excellent way for the owner to securely keep his recreational equipment safe and dry when others are on the property.

You can also check out more inspiration for log home garages from Gingrich Builders here.


Log Cabin Bathroom Remodels

log cabin bathroom addition and remodel

Have you ever stepped into a warm bath and felt all your troubles melt away? Remodeling your master bathroom to include a soaker tub or other luxurious spa features is one log cabin addition idea that turns your home into a complete vacation destination.

As one of the first places to show signs of age in a home over time, a log cabin bathroom remodel can significantly impact the return-on-investment for this upgrade. Renovating your on-suite or guest baths with a new sink, windows, vanities, commode, and finishes will not only prove to be cosmetically gorgeous, but have also proven to be more energy efficient as well.


Log Home Bedroom Additions

log cabin bedroom addition

When it comes to log cabin bedrooms, enough is never enough! As weekend entertainers or holiday hosts, you want to make sure there is adequate comfortable sleeping arrangements for EVERYONE when they visit – and this log cabin addition is ideal for accomplishing that.

Log home bedroom additions can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like: from a second story garage addition with bunkbeds to a totally private in-law quarters for mom and dad. Adding log cabin bedrooms is a fun and functional solution to hosting everyone you care about!

Get inspired for your own log home bedroom addition by browsing our online gallery of recently completed cabin projects online.


Team Up with Log Home Addition Builders & Remodelers

garage additions for log homes

Cabin Care is the specialized division of Gingrich Builders designed to assist homeowners with the unique obstacles that come with maintaining log houses.

We built our team from the ground up with experienced professionals equipped with top-of-the-line Sashco products designed for wood maintenance and log home additions. Whether you need a renovation to restore your home or want a remodel to take it to the next level, Cabin Care and is here to help with anything you need.

Ready to connect with a Cabin Care professional about your log cabin addition ideas? Our team is standing by and eager to help with a free consultation, price estimate, and any advice.

Contact our office today to get started with your ultimate log home addition!

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