Dream Log Home Essentials

Right now, it feels like we all need a retreat — a little seclusion to relax, change the scenery, and unplug from headlines. That’s what a dream log home can provide for you. One of these once-in-a-lifetime homes is defined by the gorgeous exterior, the beautiful interior, and the custom touches that make it all your own.

At Gingrich Builders, we build dream log cabins throughout PA. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting what makes for a dream log home while showcasing some of our favorites. So, get inspired to build your best house with these 7 dream log home features you may not have thought of before — but will definitely want when you’re ready to build.

dream log home kitchen

7 Things Every Dream Log Cabin Should Have

For us, a dream log cabin is more about the beautiful look, the perfect feel, and the right accessories — rather than just boasting a massive floorplan. These are some of the must-include options you’ll want to bring to your wooded retreat:

  1. Natural Light — You’ll never hear someone complain about having “too much” natural light. Whether it means big windows, stunning skylights, or doors with glass, adding natural light is always a great feature for a dream log home. Besides the obvious aesthetic advantages, natural lighting can also help reduce energy bills and increase your mood!
  2. Fireplace & Stone Chimney — What’s a dream log cabin if it isn’t complete with a cozy fireplace and chimney? Some of the best cabin memories are made during snowy afternoons or rainy mornings gathered around a glowing fire.
  3. The Great Outdoors — Building your dream log cabin starts from the ground up (emphasis on the ground). Selecting the property your home will sit atop of has a big impact! Don’t settle for less than what you love, whether that means mountain views, riding trails, ponds, or rolling hills. Fortunately, our state has ample area for your dream log cabin.
  4. Outdoor Space — Most people buy a cabin for the beautiful land it sits on. That’s why when we think of dream log cabins, we think of the outdoor space, too! To enjoy the great outdoors to its fullest, adding a back deck, front porch, or even a patio is an easy way to get extra hours of fresh air.
  5. Grand Kitchen — The kitchen is the heart of the home, or should we say, the heart of the log home. Treat yourself with custom cabinets and solid countertops tailored to your style, whether that’s vintage, modern, or traditional. All of the luxury kitchen options that come in a suburban home are available in your dream log home, too.

    PRO TIP: Rustic design and custom log cabins are a match made in heaven! Incorporating reclaimed wood in your dream log cabin kitchen design is an affordable yet stylish way to stay on budget and on-trend.
  6. Luxury Flooring — Log cabin homes look great with real, authentic hardwood flooring. At Gingrich Builders, we build our homes with wood flooring. This is another way you can outfit your retreat with a truly natural feel.
  7. Personal Pizzazz — What’s one thing you could splurge on to truly make this your dream log cabin forever home? Is it a grand master bath vanity? A rustic reading nook? Perhaps a large garage to organize all your riding gear? Whatever it is, we encourage every Gingrich Builders customer to explore what features they love and want in their home.

    Many dream log cabins start with some of our most popular log home models.
dream log cabin master bathroom

What Will It Cost You?

After all this talk of fabulous dream log home ideas, we’re sure there’s just one thing on your mind: the price. You’d love to incorporate every single idea from our list, but which could you afford?

When working with Gingrich Builders, we think you’ll enjoy knowing that we’re upfront with our pricing. We work with customers to not only get them their dream log cabin, but also to maintain the budget that makes sense for them. To learn more about our prices and get even more log cabin inspiration, check out the financial section of our blog.

How to Get Started Building Your Dream Log Home

Can’t wait another day to get started? With Gingrich Builders, you don’t have to. We are available to help you design your dream log home — whatever that looks like for you. Please contact us via our online form or phone to start the conversation.

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