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Log Cabin Additions

The Lastest from Gingrich Builders

How to Find the Right Log Home Builder

Before you decide to build a custom log home, you will most likely begin the research phase. You may start googling or attending log and timber shows to acquire more information. After spending time trying to come up with a suitable log home idea, you finally have a clear vision for your dream house, down […]

Top 5 Trends in Luxury Log Home Designs

Custom, Forward-Thinking Log Cabins To many, the mention of log cabins evokes images of plain, rustic structures built by our pioneering ancestors back in Davy Crockett’s day, but today’s log home designs are nothing like the utilitarian, dirt-floored boxes of yore. Today, log home trends are synonymous with luxury and comfort, and most are tailor-made […]

Merv Gingrich Has Retired as a Partner of Gingrich Builders

LANCASTER, PA – After four decades at the helm of Gingrich Builders, one of Pennsylvania’s most trusted full service log home builders, the company’s 70-year-old founder Mervin Gingrich has announced that he’ll retire from his management role. While he will continue working in the company’s shop, Gingrich has indicated that he wanted to transition to […]